It is the climate-smart choice.

You get high efficiency and precision thus saving saving time and money

Wood cities are attractive cities

To support health and occupational safety

For a housing market in balance

For growth in both city and country

Of all building materials, wood holds a special place. It is a renewable, ecological, environmentally friendly and climate-smart material. And durable. Think about the numerous wood houses that are hundreds of years old!

But there are of course other reasons to choose wood. It’s a delightful material to work with, it’s easy to restore and maintain and gives a warm and cozy feeling wherever it’s used. Sweden is a forest country and building with wood, our abundant natural renewable resource, supports the country’s growth, climate and environmental goals.   For when you choose wood you also choose a material with a range of environmental benefits.

Wood is a versatile raw material and the only renewable building material. Wood constructions are typically characterized by a combination of different properties that together provide the best possible load capacity, excellent insulation against high/low temperatures, noise and moisture, superior fire-resistance qualities and durability.

By increasing the proportion of wood in construction, we can reduce the use of other building materials, such as concrete, steel and brick. These building materials do not come from renewable raw materials and require a lot of energy to produce and generate higher carbon dioxide emissions.

The EU’s long-term plan for achieving a competitive economy with low carbon emissions is called Roadmap 2050. The main driving force for this transition will be energy efficiency. A low-carbon economy will have much greater need for using renewable energy sources, energy-efficient building materials, energy-efficient structures and energy-efficient transportation.

Here, the construction industry has the potential to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the long and short term by promoting and selecting materials with low environmental impact and energy-efficient construction properties. Increasing the use of wood products in construction is part of the solution.

Why choose Wood for industrial construction?

  • 70% reduction in construction time.
  • up to 50-60% reduction in labor costs
  • reduced impact on the surrounding area around the building site
  • High precision and reduction in building defects
  • quality control in the factory

2) Our mission

To increase the use of wood in construction thereby assisting the achievement of climate goals and creating sustainable and attractive cities.

3) About WoodCity Sweden Association

What is the purpose of WoodCity Sweden?

WoodCity Sweden promotes the use of timber/wood in construction to further achievement of European climate goals. We do this by spreading knowledge and inspiration. The association disseminates information and advice and has the tools to help in developing a strategy for using more wood in construction projects, addressing technical, environmental and economic considerations. In the long term, the aim is to create a European and global market for Swedish industrial wood-construction technology.

The government’s national wood building strategy 2005-2008, aimed at developing industrial wood construction, created a commitment that has since been expanded. The County Administrative Board of Västerbotten received a government assignment in 2013, in collaboration with other interested municipalities, to develop cost-effective and innovative wood-construction methods, to increase knowledge about wood as a building material and to get more municipalities to use wood in building thereby contributing to the attainment of the Swedish national climate targets.

WoodCity Sweden works by organizing seminars, conferences, workshops, study visits, city walks, discussions and many other activities on a continuous basis.

Who can be members of WoodCity Sweden?

WoodCity Sweden welcomes members from municipalities and counties as well as from industry and academia. It is for those who want to learn how to build using wood in the best possible way and who want to be part of a network of talented actors in the field. It is for anyone who wants to be involved and influence!